First run!

The Turbike is finally up and running in my home (well, my garage actually!). Early days yet and there’s still lots to be done with it… but it is producing power and I’ve successfully run my computer and desk lamp from the battery for at least 6 hours in one go.

Not sure how long the battery will be able to run my office for in one go… but over the coming weeks I hope to test it out and let you know about it. As part of that testing I’ll also keep an eye on how much pedaling is needed to get the battery charged up again.

But initial impressions (after that 6 hour draining, and running 2 laptops for 3:30 one evening) suggest that maybe 20 to 30mins pedaling at a steady and sustainable rate does that recharging quite nicely.  This means a daily stint of pedaling might be needed.

Of course if my laptop battery would actually keep a charge… well, things would be much easier. But maybe I’ll be able to afford one soon 🙂

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