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Hugh Piggott course in Ireland this June!

Whether you want to produce your own electricity, or simply cut your grid-dependence, I’d highly recommend this Hugh Piggott course. It’s simply brilliant. One of the best and most empowering courses I’ve ever been on in my life.

You don’t need any knowledge or experience of welding, carpentry or electrical work. Nor do you need to know about volts, resistance, current or other such stuff (take it from someone who didn’t know his amps from his elbows before he began this turbike project!).

Your gender doesn’t matter either. Both men and women have enjoyed and learned heaps on past courses with Hugh.

All you need are an ability to work with your hands and an open mind. Oh, and as it’s in Ireland, some warm and waterproof clothes and boots might be in order!

Visit BuildYourOwnWindTurbine.com to learn about fees, booking, accommodation etc.