Ooops – the bike stand!

Finally, energy and some spare time combined nicely today and gave me a chance to bring my racer onto the scene. From which I learned that the frame for holding the bike will need considerable adjusting if it’s going to take my racer! 🙁

Firstly, the angle of the main strut of the support frame is nowhere near the angle of the back forks of my racer. So the clamp wouldn’t grasp the frame properly and would also be likely to damage the frame – by focusing pressure on too small an area at the top of the forks.

Secondly, the clamping arrangment at the top of the support frame is too low to the ground for my racer. It would need to be considerably higher to take my racer while also keeping the back wheel off the ground.

Thirdly, even if the clamping system suited, the angles involved (plus the extra inch in diameter of the racer’s wheels) would leave the racer’s cogs closer to the alternator. So the chain connecting the two would have to be shortened by a link or four to ensure it remained reasonably taut and functional. The trailing edge of the back wheel was also going to end up v. close to the leading edge of the stator. Not good. Not good at all, at all 🙁

My initial thoughts are that a modified-trainging-stand-arrangmement is the answer.

One which supports the bike via cup-shaped-clamps at the level of the back wheel axle. But it will also need to allow the bike be slid forward and away from the turbine before clamping (so as to ensure the connecting chain is kept reasonably taut). Time and experimentation will tell. But that arragenment appeals initially. Because not only will it allow quick release of my bike to get out the road but should also allow other bikes be hooked up.

In case I ever get a new bike with bigger wheels.

Or friends want to charge their own batteries on bikes that suit their body size.

Assuming my friends are as mad as I am of course! 😀

Anyhow, time for the pen and paper. Then some grinding and welding as I DIY a bike training stand.


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